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Rapelay Buy [April-2022]




He has enjoyed many encounters with different girls, and even some boys, but he has never been with a woman of his own age, his father's desire to replace him with another son drives him to begin his quest of collecting, both male and female, to meet a true companion of his own age. The game is set in a city, which is divided into various districts, each with a different characteristic, a bar, a hotel, a park, a café, and so on. The player is given a selection of items, for example a wallet or a hat, that can be used to interact with people and objects in the game. All actions must be performed by pressing the corresponding action key, which is shown on the bottom of the screen during the process. The game also features a basic, an intermediate and an advanced level, as well as a time attack mode. Game modes There are six different game modes to play through, in order of increasing difficulty. The "Basic" mode is an introduction to the game, in which the player must start off with very limited equipment. It does not really teach the game's mechanics, as most of them are self-explanatory, but the player must learn how to move around town, how to interact with people, and how to interact with the girl he wants to have sex with. The "Intermediate" mode is a mix between the "Basic" mode and the "Advanced" mode. It provides more features, such as the ability to tell the girl how to behave, which makes her take more initiative. The "Advanced" mode is the normal version of the game. The player can buy new clothes, travel around town in a "taxi" with his sister, go to the club and use his free time to earn money. In the "Time Attack" mode, the player has a given amount of time in which to reach the girl. The only limit is the number of turns that the girl can give the player. However, the player may use his money and the new clothes he buys to speed up his turns, by the time limit being removed. "Party Mode" is a mode that offers the player a variation of the game, that includes four different girls in the game. The player can choose the girl to play with, and the order in which he must perform actions. The only restriction on the player is that he cannot choose a girl more than once in a row. Soundtrack




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Rapelay Buy [April-2022]

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